Thursday, 30 October 2008

Plastic be gone!

Very happy to be getting rid of all the horrible tacky plastic toys; if a little ambilivent about passing them on to other parents to give to their kids. The alternative is landfill which, obviously, I'm not crazy about either. Passing the toys on seems the lesser of two evils. The little 'un does seem to quite like some of the plastic toys, and in particular he plays with the plastic truck alot - but then I don't have a equivilent in wood for him - well I do but he won't be getting his little hands on it till Yule. I have kept a few items that were gifts; I am hoping any further gifts will be more in line with my wishes.

I recieved my package from Amazon yesterday; Earthwise, Stitch 'n Bitch (for crocheting) and another crochet book with patterns for the japanese crocheted animals - very cute. I was a little disappointed with Earthwise beause there wasn't much in there new to me; although I do love the runner bean wigwam. Stitch n' Bitch is hilarious, love it, love it, love it - I'm all keyed up for crocheting now, just waiting on my 100% wool arriving. The crocheted animals are so cute too, can't wait to get crocheting. I've got tons of ideas, cushion covers, a sling cover for the little 'un, curtains etc.

I've also had an idea for the season table swap using salt dough - just need to find the quantities for making the stuff now :-))

Feeling very excited - if tired, really need to let my poor mind switch off so I can get some sleep!

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arwen_tiw said...

You'll be handing it on to families who would have otherwise been buying it new anyway, probably. So you've saved some more petrochemicals being needed, and handed on something that has already given up some of its toxicity. Don't feel guilty about that!

The only things I would just throw are the downright scary (like the Vtech teddy) or the flimsy and rubbish (like the ponies that were pulled apart within hours).