Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Awwww gifts.

We recieved the package last week but I've not been online for a while.

The little 'un was chuffed to bits to unexpectedly receive gifts from his new friend Jenna.
He is at such a cute stage, and noisy. He still isn't talking really, says the odd word now and again, but mosts blows raspberries and enjoys making different sounds - at the top of his voice of course. It can be very frustrating sometimes.
I try to be patient and remind myself that he is exploring his environment and expressing himself in his own unique way - but oh, after he's run up and down for half an hour making loud Indian noises and bouncing off my legs (I'm sat on the sofa) - well it gets wearying after a while. And oohhhh he just wont' leave my DVD's alone, its driving me batty. So much so that I shouted and screamed and threw my toys out of the pram making him go upstairs to his room. Great - turn his bedroom into a punishment - way to go!
Once I'd calmed down and allowed him back downstairs we cuddle and made up. I explained again why I don't want him touching the DVDs and bugger me if he wasn't back pulling the DVDs off the shelf and taking them out of their cases, once I'd left the room. I really did go balistic at that point and marched him upstairs virtually flung him in his room and told him that he couldn't come back down stairs until he'd learned to do as he was told. **shudder** shades of my mother there! Thankfully, by the time I'd stamped downstairs and slammed the lounge door shut I was beginning to calm down again. It would be easier to just move the darn things, but I don't have anywhere else higher to put them - well unless I move my cook books down a shelf and dvds up - except he'd then be messing with my books - which I'd deliberately put out of his reach.
My brother and sister - in - law did make noises about buying me a bookshelf for Yule (I have a ton of books piled up against the wall in the lounge)... it would be lovely if they do, money is a bit strapped at the mo.


arwen_tiw said...

Aw look at his little face!

Toddler stuff is tough. I've let myself down and acted more childishly than they do more times than I can count in the last few years...

All we can do is pick ourselves up and try again. And hope that the overwhelming message they hear through all the years is still "I love you."

Joxy said...

Aye, very tough, yet wonderful too. His latest trick is to wriggle under the duvet, pull my t'shirt up and blow raspberries on my stomach. LMAO.