Thursday, 16 October 2008

The visit

I am happy beyond belief not to be with the little ‘un’s dad; I do often worry that not having a full time daddy will adversely affect him, even though I know when it comes to Him, the little ‘un is better off with a part time daddy. Still, the little ‘un going to see his great grandparents with his daddy and daddy’s girlfriend (whom daddy has only just met – but don’t get me started on that!) did make me sad. I really love the great grandparents and enjoyed listening to their stories; I suppose I felt a bit jealous. Not that the little ‘un’s paternal side of the family have renounced me or anything and nothing, bar finances is stopping me visit… still, it’s sad.

I was a little surprised that I weren’t introduced to the girlfriend when I dropped the little ‘un off. Partly relieved, which prompted yet more guilt – after all I’d just left my precious son with his dad and a woman I know nothing about and have never met. My boy was back home safely with me just after 8pm, so not as late a night as I expected. How the visit went I have no idea because He made it clear he couldn’t wait to shoot off, virtually shoved the little ‘un through the door, commenting innoxiously that he was as “good as gold”. My lad wasn’t clingy with me and seemed happy enough, had a cuddle then he wanted to play with his wooden cars, indication that it did go ok and he felt perfectly safe and secure.

I’m sure it was just coincidence; I asked him if he liked his dad’s girlfriend and he shook his head. Bad, bad mummy that I am, I laughed delightedly and gave him a big cuddle and kiss.

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