Wednesday, 15 October 2008


We went to view a house on Saturday, and it's just what I was hoping for. It is much much smaller than my house now, but that house costs me a fortune to heat and simply, is too big for the little 'un and me.

The landlady is lovely, a lone parent too, who was wonderfully understanding and even dropped the rent by £25! We sat and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine (small) while the little 'un explored, he seemed to like the house and, in particular, the garden. A garden, wow. It is just the right size, enough room for the little 'un to run around, including decking! I won't be able to have a little veg patch sadly, but there's plenty of room for some large plant pots that we can have a go at growing stuff in. Green fingers I ain't!

We then decided to stay with friends for the rest of the weekend. The little 'un had great fun running around and playing with J, he spent ages sat on her lap flipping his fingers over her lips as she made silly noises lol. The little 'un is growing up fast, he's starting to loose the baby-ish features, I don't want it to happen, I love this age. He is so curious and fun; full of joy and innocence. I suppose listening to very young children using foul language at all hours of the day has something with my desire for the little 'un to remain as he is for as long as possible.

The new house is in a very nice area and includes a lovely little park just across the road - LOL continuing my belief in controlling the environment rather than the child (well within reason anyway).

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