Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I love this, J made a joke about me crocheting the girls all toilet roll covers..... so V got this for her crimbo pressie...lol. I think I'm going to make myself one actually!

LMAO this did make me giggle, a w*lly warmer for V's partner... J had bought him a pair of silky boxers that said "main contain nuts"... bless we then received a piccy of him in said boxers and wearing the warmer.......although there is a rumour it was a candle... spoil sport.

The turtle I made for a friend who stayed with us over Christmas.
The duck was for one of managers who has left for new pastures.. she didn't realise I'd made it at first, bless her.

One of many "baubles", ok 4 baubles I crocheted for the tree, I must take a photo of the star too, very proud of that!

This is the first amigurumi I made. The little 'un loves it. I've since made a little orange too. The amigurumi are so easy, now I've made a few I can go off and make my own designs. LOL I just need to learn better sewing skills.

Sadly, I didn't take a photo of it; for J's son I made a Suicide Bunny, very cute. I have a large lion in progress for the little 'un's birthday on Thursday (that's the first isn't it...) and I have a few other projects in progress for gifts that weren't quite completed for Christmas.

Oh.. and the green garland in front of the pear, I crocheted that too......lol, I made myself a headband too. Crocheting is just so relaxing, and these amigurumis are so quick to knock up, theres almost instant gratification.

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