Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Yule 2008

Yule was lovely. Sunday the little 'un and I watched the sun rise from bed (handy having a bed that faces east!) and then we pootled. Monday he opened a few gifts and we had lovely food treats. Tuesday Circle came round for my first ritual in my new home! The season table is much more abundant now, I really must take a new photo and post. Lots of greenery now.

Naturally, I cooked up a storm and made a ginormous veggie chilli, fresh bread, and pizza... I did cheat a wee bit and buy the yule log and mince pies. Oh, and I baked jacket potatoes too. The ritual itself was wonderful; its been a wee while since I've participated.. let alone be the "host" of a ritual. I called the cleansed the circle, called the quarters and at the appointed bits took out the old year "holly" and brought in the new "mistletoe".

Then we sat in front of the log I'd picked up in Asda to burn.... that was fab, it's a log ina bag and one just sets light to the bag. It burned brilliantly, and we all sat out enjoying our chilli, potatoes and fresh bread, round the fire. Bliss. The salamanders treated us to a fantastic show too :)

I had an absolutely fantastic time and oh, it was so wonderful to have friends round! For a year I've been isolated from my friends, and since moving here - bearing in minds its been a mere 4 weeks now - I've been to a karaoke at the local, had Circle over for a Yule Ritual, friends calling in , a friend stay over christmas and tomorrow night we're all off to the Masquerade Ball and J's son is babysitting. I have a life, and its really quite shocking! lol

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willow81 said...

Sounds like things are going brilliantly for you! I *think* I have a life but as it's NYE and I'm sitting here on my own browsing blogs I'n not sure!!

Anyway, may 2009 bring you and the little'un much good health and happiness.

Sam & Monkey xx