Monday, 5 January 2009

Duvet Day.

Brrr, chilly morning with a beautiful dusting of snow. Defintely pancake weather and the perfect excuse to try out the cute little mixing bowl and utensils that tl'u received for Christmas. I do have copious amounts of pancake batter to clean off the tiles as he decided waving the whisk around was grand fun.

About 11am our veg box was delivered much to tl'u's excitment.
I think he has the idea that there should be stuff for him to unwrap every few days as he had presents at Yule, Christmas and then his birthday.
The mushrooms are beauties! Wish I'd ordered some bacon now, because those lovelies are just asking to be fried with crispy bacon and lovely runny fried eggs.

The veg box also contains a celeriac which I've never eaten or cooked before. I found a nice sounding receipe on the Vegetarian Society; Spiced Celeriac, however I don't have all the ingredients so I'm going to tweak a little. I was rather impressed with the size of the parsnips too - even if I did moan "not more parnships".

This afternoon I decide to back some bread. Allisons dried active yeast certainly packs a punch - look at the foam on that jug! The bread is lovely. The speckled bread is beetroot bread; I just finely chopped boiled beetroot from yesterday and kneaded it into the bread. I rather like it, although next time I think I'll puree the beetroot and add to the liquid as I quite fancy ruby red bread! I made bog standard bread and 2 small loaves of the beetroot. The freezer is filling up nicely with homemade delights and I'm feeling very domestic goddessy.

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