Sunday, 4 January 2009

Kitchen craft.

I woke up this morning and decided tl'un and I ought to have a cook/bake day. I also have a veg box coming on Monday and still a lot of veggies left from the previous (mind I did get one free too).

So we have rosemary potatoe wedges open freezing, parnsips and carrots. Once they are all frozen I'll take them out and bag them. I also have a ton of fruit that is beginning to look a bit past its best so I made up 2 dozen batch of apple spice muffins and tl'u helped too. Or rather he ate flour again and prodded the muffin mixture with the spoon. Still looks like he had fun :-) I am the muffin lady again, had a few disasters when I first moved in while I got use to the oven. It is a fan oven but still I've never had one thats been so different from a convection before. Rather than cooking the muffins on 2oo for about 20-25 minutes I'm doing them at 160 for about 15 minutes. Mind it does cook bread nicely I have to say. Will make some in a wee while as I saved the water from boiling the potatoes. I have also cooked some beetroot, never had fresh beetroot before - thought I might add some to the bread :-)

I also have a lovely lentil cottage pie waiting on the side to go in the oven for tea, just needs a bit of cheese grating over the mash and hey presto a delicious healthy meal, containing 7 different veg (that does include the onion and garlic) so we're also having our five fruit and veg today. More in fact because the apple muffins will count towards it and tl'u has already had a huge banana today.

Really looking forward to the lentil cottage pie, I made tl'u lunch and didn't bother myself so I'm rather hungry now. It was lovely to get in the kitchen with him and share the creation of good things to eat.

Right, I think a muffin and cup of coffee is in order. :-))


sue said...

Oh my goodness, Im so hungry after reading your lovely blog :)

Happy new year!

sue xx

nocton4 said...

wow busy day ....well done you x

willow81 said...

Ooh I love the sound of your lentil cottage pie. I'm back to Slimming World tomorrow so I think I'll tweak the recipe (no cream then :-( )and make some later this week. xx

Mon said...

I won't tell you about MY many, many muffin disasters (and bread and cake) with my own Wretched Oven from the Anals of Hell.

Can you believe it, I can't get lentils here! boohoo

Just found your blog. :)

Joxy said...

Happy New Year Sue.

I am feeling a tad smuug about my kitchen efforts yesterday Noc :-)) lol.

I'm not going to slimming world but myself and a few friends are going to follow the plan and then meet up once a week to weigh in together. I just want to be a bit healthier and fitter really. Good luck hon!

Welcome Mon :-)) I'm really enjoying reading your blog(s) The house looks fantastic!

Naomi said...

Sounds lovely :) and makes me want to bake. Glad t'lu enjoyed it too, I always marvel at these Mums who bake with their toddlers, here was me thinking that their toddlers actually HELP with the baking but I guess the younger toddlers just enjoy "helping" - am I right? (I know my toddler just enjoys making a big mess and occasionally stirring!) xxx

Joxy said...

Yes my lad's idea of helping is to eat the flour and poke at whatever mixture we're making at the time.

I haven't done huge amounts of baking with him because I tend to go into my own little world when Im in the kitchen and forget to chatter about what I'm doing. So I decide 2009, new year, new effort to involve him.