Saturday, 17 January 2009

Equilibrium Restored.

I must confess I am rather proud of my first attempt at a wrap, purely done on the hoof, so to speak. I only allow water inbetween meals as a drink these days so tl'u isn't consuming the copious amounts of fluids he was, so despite having the nappy on for a fair few hours, it was only damp. The wrap responded well, especially as I had put him in dungarees and he had this wrap on while he rode his trike in the garden - hilarious watching him - he kept pulling wheelies.
I don't think the style is suitable for wearing under trousers because I reckon the sides would get pulled up and expose the nappy; lol its a homebound wrap. I shall have a go at crocheting him a pair of wool longies next. I have plenty of the purple wool left and I've been desperate for wool longies for him but had other more urgent purchases to make so haven't had the spare cash.

And I finished the cushion for my chair in the kitchen this afternoon too. Without the cushion the chair is very uncomfortable. Really pleased it's made such a difference and the colour fits in nicely with the kitchen.

As the title indicates, tl'u is back to his normal sunny self. Fridays tend to be "do nothing" day after working, however, I think that will need to change. Tl'u clearly misses his companions from the CM's setting, so I'll see if there is a toddler group on a Friday I can take him to, or at the very least, get out of doors. Tl'u is a boy who needs a lot of space to run!
Imagine my relief when the sun appeared late morning today. On waking it was wet and rather dreary looking, so it looked like a house bound day. Ok, tl'u has waterproofs, I however, don't and as I'm fighting off a cold, getting wet and cold ain't the best of plans.
Out came the pop up tunnel for the first time in this house. I had planned to build the fairy castle for him too until I unpacked it and realised it's a project to complete when a toddler isn't around. Somewhat disappointed, the wood is sheets of plywood stuck together and the fairies etc are just pieces of wood with stickers. Plan to peel those off at some point and paint them myself.

Final photo; this was taken on the 11th January; the day we sorted out his room and removed the boxes - which, naturally, became the most engaging toy ever. I really do wonder why I bother buying/making him toys when he seems to get fair more enjoyment out of the simplest things; i.e. a box, laundry basket, even a catalogue - yes a catalogue, he will sit for a very long time on the sofa just flicking through it, he seems rather enamoured with Thomas the Tank Engine stuff.

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Liz said...

Yes, I am always rather puzzled at how long the Argos catalogue will keep my 2 quiet as well. It's not as if they ask for anything out of it - it doesn't seem to have occurred to them that you can actually buy the things i it - but they are rapt in contemplation and often spend ages going through the jewellery section slecting jewellery that they'll wear when they are kings and queens!