Friday, 16 January 2009


Leaving work can not come soon enough. The CM is wonderful and tl'u clearly loves her and her setting, especially having other toddlers to play with. However, when he's with me he's being very needy, often indicating he wants picking up and the big feelings and whinging is driving me batty. I'm trying so hard not to become impatient with him, angry even.

Leaving him in his room when I discovered he'd been sick on my bed last night, probably contributed to today's needines too. He woke around half six this morning and immediately let it be known he was not at all impressed at walking up in a different bed. Breastfeeding was a protracted affair, and if I dared to try and move away big feelings were abundently expressed. The relief when he finally fell back asleep around 8am was immense.

Add being a little under the weather again and no, it's not been a particularly harmonious day. The 4000mg of vit C is doing its job and the cold isn't developing; and mostly I do feel ok; just every so often I flag and feel flat, coupled with a bit of dizziness.

Just one of those days.

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