Monday, 12 January 2009

Own bedroom.

With tredipation I decide to take the initiative out of my son's hands and attempt to move him into his own room. Sunday afternoon, he helped me clear his room of boxes (well ok he played in them) and I moved almost all his toys upstairs, including the small shelves I had been using downstairs to store them all on. I hung the wooden mobile dragon friends from Yorkshire sent (he's very taken with it) and put a sheet on the futon mattress and dug out his sleeping bag.

Initial indications looked hopeful, he was very taken with his room and played up there most of the afternoon. He seemed to like the futon mattress and sat and laid on it a lot. So, come quart to six I took the little man upstairs and began his bedtime routine and then I laid down with him on the mattress and fed him.

He fed and fed and fed... and then fidgeted, then fed some more,, fidgeted, fed some more.. I was beginning to wonder if he'd fall asleep, when suddenly I realised he was fast asleep and the snuffling was his gentle snoring. Minutely, I eased myself from the bed, placing a pillow where I'd been for him to snuggle up to and I beat a hasty retreat.

Not a dicky bird. I woke at 7am this morning. 7am! I slept an entire night without once being woken up. I took advantage and enjoyed a lengthy hot bath, while I was drying myself off I heard the little man chattering away. He sounded happy enough, so I let him be while I finished getting dressed.

Around 8am, I popped my head around the door and he was laid on his bed, playing with one of his many wheeled toys and chattering away to himself. He looked up and grinned at me, slid off his bed and wandered over for a hug. Took his sleeping bag off and all he was interested in was playing with his other toys.

I did try him for a nap this afternoon but he wasn't interested. I laid down with him and offered to feed, but he de-latched after 10 seconds and started playing with his toys. I asked him if he wanted to feed and he said "Noooooooooooooooooooo". So, I told him I was going back downstairs and he waved goodbye at me. He came down about 20 minutes later I think.

This evening, he went upstairs to his room with no bother at all. He did want to play rather than lay down, but once the light went off, he happily snuggled up, fed and drifted off to slumber land. Early indications therefore, are very hopeful that the transition to his room will be painless.

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Naomi said...

Sounds promising hun! I wish we had the space to give Tristan his own room because I strongly suspect we're disturbing him in the night and that's why he's waking so much. Ah well, one day!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and wise words. I agree, you can't let bitterness take over because it'll eat you up until you're just a big angry ball of bitterness. :) I enjoyed my night once Dave was home from work and then my Mum arrived at 8.45pm after her late shift at work with 2 books and 2 dvds for me. Give me a book and you'll be a friend for life! :)

As they say, it's a good job we can choose our friends. Thanks again hun. xxx