Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Oh dear.


Blah. Yep, being the dutiful parent I checked on my son around 11pmish and of course the door creaked loudly and up popped his head. I quickly said goodnight, shut the door and legged... alas, I was back a few minutes later soothing a crying child.

He dropped off, I moved to get up, he woke up..... this continued until 1:30am, at which point I admitted defeat, collected a fleece blanket from my room and bunkered down with the little man in his room - particularly as I needed to be up at 5:30am to get ready for work.

Poor lad, he even cried when I dropped him off at CM's and he held onto my bag trying to stop me from leaving. I gave him a big cuddle, kiss and let him know that I love him and would be back soon and then handed him over to the CM. Bless her, she texted me not longer after to let me know he'd stopped crying was feeding himself breakfast. I will be glad when I no longer need to use a childminder (even though CM is fabulous).

Wait to see how we do tonight. But if it takes me sleeping in with him for a few days then so be it. Tonight might be fine, it might not, can only take each night as it comes.

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