Saturday, 3 January 2009

Proactive Mummy.

So, I have no idea when I will once again feel warmth, tl'u and I are starting to get use to been cold all the time - I expect my father would have said it's character building. Wimpishness has dogged me though, I've been feeling a tad sorry for myself and mighty miffed that the plumber hasn't at least popped round to do a temporary fix until a new boiler can be fitted. He just keeps wining that there's no point. The POINT is so I have some hot water so tl'u and I can have a bath!

The house is a tip; there is a mountain of laundry, dishwashing and cleaning and washing of floors and I admit, I've used the lack of heating and hot water as an excuse to let the place go to the pits. No more, Proactive Mummy to the rescue; the washing machine is cold fill anyway, and ok drying stuff will be a bit difficult, but it is a beautiful sunshiny morning, so the clothes horses can go out side and then I'll just have to finish the clothes off in the dryer later.

The dishwasher is poorly too, sigh. So, rather than waiting for the boiler to be fixed before doing any dishes I will just get my bum in gear and boil the kettle. I am very gutted about the dishwasher, I'd forgotton how wonderful they are..and I know its just me and tl'u, nontheless I go through a lot of dishes and pans because I cook and bake alot... I am very tempted to save up and buy a new one.

Thankfully, tl'u doesn't seem fussed by the lack of heating - he is bundled up in a vest, sweater, cardy and then another fleecy thick cardy, thick joggers and socks. I would prefer if he wore his slippers but he keeps kicking them off. I may attempt some booties with ties - shouldn't take long to crochet.


Joxy said...

My dishwasher is working! Yah - you cannot believe how much I squealed in delight when it started working!

And the plumber is coming Tuesday - I should be back at work, but I'll have to take the day off and work a different day if poss - must remember to talk to my childminder...

Yah, things are getting sorted!

Laura said...

GLad to hear things are getting fixed. Yay!

Happy new year! x

Joxy said...

Happy New Year Laura!