Thursday, 1 January 2009

2nd Birthday.

The little 'un opening his presents.
I have got him a bike too, although he'll get that later because I don't have the tools to put it together, so we'll pop round my friends later. So looking forward to seeing his face when he sees the bike.

At the moment he's having fun drawing over the enevelopes with the new pens I bought him. I decided for his birthday he would get mainly crafty bits as he had so many toys at Yule and Christmas.

A few of the Christmas toys have broke already, fixable but I am a little miffed, Myriad may be expensive but at least their toys are incredibly well made, so no trying to source cheaper in future for me. No point buying cheaper if it's going to break after a 10 minutes play!

Anyway, later I'll blow up balloons, make carrot cake muffins for his birthday cake and light up with candles etc. Not decided what to do for his birthday tea yet. Might just make lots of finger foods, cheese and onion rolls, parnship crisps, fresh bread with various dips that kind of thing.

Wow, 2 years old, my little baby isn't so little or babyish any more. He's starting to look like a proper little boy, feel a bit sad that his babyhood is pretty much over. Although, he is so much fun these days and so funny too. The faces he pulls are hilarious. I so love my son, he is the light of my life.

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