Friday, 23 January 2009

REVIEW: Swaddlebee Merino Wool Wraps.

Utter rubbish.
I am so gutted that I spent £17.99 each on these wraps. They leak appallingly, despite lanolising and re lanolising over and over again. I've tried rubbing in pure lanolin into the stitching where the leaks happen to no avail.

I thought perhaps it was just that the wrap is so slim fitting that my little lambs were perhaps a bit big for the wrap, so I tried the wrap with prefolds, awful; once the prefold is wet, if not changed immediately the wetness will quickly come through the wrap, starting around the stitching between the legs, and quickly spreading all across the crotch area.

I've just received some bambo terry squares, so I thought I would try the swaddlebees wrap again - blah, don't know why I bother; damn thing leaked with in a hour of putting it on tl'u.

My advice if you want to use wool wraps go for the pull up pant type, like the disana pull up wool pant. Not the prettiest but it works, it really works and you can dye the wool if you want.


arwen_tiw said...

Aw wanna do a nappy swap? See if I can get on with them with the skinny mini hardly-wetting toddler girlie? I've only had one nappy purchase that I've hated - the Easy Peasy onesize nappy that is really not at all onesize and not at all easy. ;)

Joxy said...

I'll pop them in the post for you hon, I keep trying them hoping they will work for me and everytime I end up having to change tl'u because they leak and his clothes get wet. He is a heavy wetter, so perhaps they will be better for you.

Might as well benefit someone rather than annoying me lol.

arwen_tiw said...

Lol well I'm always happy to trial something different, even if it then doesn't work for us either!