Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sunny Day at the Beach.

Beautiful day, far too nice to spend in doors. So, this morning I made muffins and couscous salad and down to the beach we went. I expected it to be packed as its school holidays and the sun was shining. Remarkably, it wasn't that busy at all. (I also discovered the bus I catch into town... and get off at the bus station to walk to the beach - actually goes down to the beach... the walk down is fine... its the number of times I've decided to get a taxi back rather than negotiate the rather steep old high street with Rye in a sling - duh!)

Rye helped me to build a sand mountain (I really need to get him a bucket and spade!) - this was my crafty solution to him getting over his aversion to having sand on his hands; and instead picking up clumps and throwing it at me.

The sea looked beautiful, and yes there were some older kids in the water, brrrrrrr. Madness.

I did take Rye down to the water but he took one look and ran in the opposite direction. So we walked along horizontally to the water until he indicated he wanted to be carried. Looking forward to the summer when its a bit warmer and I can try to pursuade him to go paddling with me.

I did feel every so slightly smug as other mums and dads struggled with pushchairs on the beach and there I was with Rye all nice and
snug in the ring sling. One mum did stop me asking what it was I was carrying Rye in, and where could she get one too :) Yah.

This beach is, I believe, manmade, the beaches on this part of the coastline are all pebble - it boggles my mind to think of the amount of sand this must have taken. I was planning on walking along the pebble beach with Rye and having a look for the coastal park but I'd decided to wear sandles and it dawned on me sandels and pebble beaches don't mix.

The last photo is on arrival home, he had been asleep, arms nicely tucked into the sling but he woke on exiting the bus. For once I'd got the maya just right and it felt comfortable, even with a ruck sac on my back (I normally find it rides up over my neck, when I have the rucksac on, which I find highly irritating and uncomfortable.)

Ohhh and my new top for the fairy festival arrived from Holy Clothing It is beautiful.. only slight hiccup is I thought I'd ordered the blue on and this is purple, not a big problem I love purple; just I'd picked the blue out to match the Daisy Chain mei tai I'm hoping to buy too.

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arwen_tiw said...

Oooh LOVE the top, and those are gorgeous pictures of Rye (as always lol). :)