Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Gently, Gently....

Tl'u is sleeping in his room again tonight. He did fight going to sleep so I think he was a little anxious; but eventually the late night last night and a fun day at Kids Planet with the childminder won out and his beautiful blue eyes closed and he slipped into dreamland. Snoring like a trouper because he has a runny nose again.

Sunday he slept in his room with only a slight murmur at half ten and then nothing. I was all set to go up but as he went quiet I decided to wait for abit, when I checked him he was fast asleep.
Monday, again went to sleep fine in his room, he did wake up at 4:30am crying so I immediately brought him in with me and he snuggled down and went straight back to sleep.
Tuesday because of the Imbolc celebration and excessively late night he wanted to sleep with me and then tonight; there he is, in his room asleep - even more impressive in that he breastfed for a while but tonight just couldn't seem to find a comfortable position so his teeth were digging in rather painfully at the top of my nipple and after half hour I couldn't bear the sensation any longer and moved away and just laid there. He laid quietly, half asleep for about ten to twenty minutes, his eyes fluttering open and shut as he fought the sandman; but eventually he lost. So while there was some anxiety around me eventually leaving the room; he did nonetheless feel comfortable enough to allow sleep without also breastfeeding - and that doesn't happen very often. Tl'u is a bit of a boob man, it has to be said.

Clearly, I just need to keep to the gently gently approach and not force it. Besides there is a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that my son has fallen asleep in his room because he is secure and feels safe and knows if he needs me I'll be there... and not because he's exhausted from crying his heart out.

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