Friday, 6 February 2009

Mama412 & Willow 81

Yes, today was the day.
Eventful morning of trying to get the bread to prove - very slow today despite it being milder than days past. In the end I shoved it on the windowsill in the lounge, which helped; then once I'd knocked back, kneaded again and then shaped, I then popped the loaf in the top oven to prove while heating the lower oven. That worked thankfully, otherwise I would have been far later than I was to lunch - and of course I managed to overbake the bread so the crust was darker than I would have liked. Thankfully it still tasted ok. :)

Willow81 had made the soup, which was very tasty - you must post the receipe hon! And Mama 412 made peanut butter cookies (again post the receipe - assuming its not a secret one :) ), which were gorgeous; had I not had two large slices of bread I would have sneaked another cookie! LOL my son did - or rather it was a strategic move as he was trying to steal Willow 81's cookie.

Anyway, Tl'u naturally fell asleep 20 minutes before we left the home and, unusally, did not wake when I popped him in the ring sling, so I turned up at Mama 412's house with a loudly snoring toddler in the ring sling and a little out of breath from rushing and carrying said heavy toddler.
He did wake after about - ohhh not sure actually, we were having a good natter so not really sure how long it was before he woke - maybe half hour, anyway, wake he did and after a bit of bleary eye-ness he was up and turning Mama 412's lovely living room into a bomb site - sorry hon! He discovered the toy box and virtually everything came out; and then Mama 412's DD brought out a toy pushchair which my son immediately commandeered. DD was fabulous though, she didn't complain and was very accommodating and played beautifully with the little man :) Mama 412's DS2 is utterly gorgeous and a lovely happy chappy who was quite content to sit and look through his books. Hehe, he's one of those babies whose able to crawl off quietly and suddenly everyone is looking around saying "Where's the baby?" hehehehe.

If you follow Willow 81's blog you will have seen the photo's of her DD and that shock of auburn hair.... in real life its even more amazing, she is such a scrumptious little thing with this mane of hair and lovely brown eyes. Such a contrast to Mama 412's DS2 who still has that soft and downy hair that blonde babies tend to have. And at the end of the school day Mama 412's eldest son arrived home, so we got ot meet him too. Gorgeous lad who, again, was very accommodating of a toddler who hasn't quite mastered the art of going round people and instead runs straight over them with a pushchair...

I must confess there was much secret coveting of the woodstove and the lovely large garden with fab decking! Ohhh and the lovely myrid wood toys... the house

I had a wonderful afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed meeting other GP mums. We said that next time we'll have a crafty session; each sharing our individual talents - looking forwad to that :)

Thanks for opening your home to us Mama 412, I had a wonderful time meeting everyone :)


willow81 said...

We had a lovely time too, and I'm also coveting Mama412's house... I'm also in love with her Ostheimer unicorn, and I'm holding her personally responsible for the Myriad order I'm going to place later on! I wish I'd had something more appropriate in my craft stash, feel a bit embarrassed by my offering, must think in advance next time. Your bread was DIVINE, I thought the crust was perfect, hey, even the Monkey sucked on a slice!
Will post the soup recipe later on. I was quite pleased with that one. Thought your boy was gorgeous, loved watching him career about with the toy buggy lol!

Joxy said...

Mmm, bull in a china shop comes to mind lol.

That unicorn was lovely wasn't it.. luckily - or not as the case may be - I simply don't have the funds at the mo otherwise I'd be placing an order too.

Myriad must make a fortune from us GP mums! lol Wonder if they'd give us a discount? hehehe.