Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Just checking

Is anyone else having trouble signing into Green Parent Forum?
I tried this afternoon and received a message about upgrading the server. Tried this evening and got the same message.

Ohhh.. and I bought some bambo wool today - oohh I'm liking, although I had planned to use it for some amigurumi, not sure its's suitable as I think the stuffing will show through... so at the moment I'm crocheting what looks remarkably like a hat but cold also become a bag... just seeing where the yarn is taking me lol. (I also bought some 100% wool that was half price......idea being to crochet Rye a pair of wool sorties; we'll see.

I also have some 100% wool yarn coming in the post that once washed felts lovely, which I'm hoping will work really nicely for the second part of my season table swap. - although I have picked up different yarn too, just in case. I've also ordered a couple crochet books off amazon... must stop spending now for the time being. Bills to pay woman! oops.

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