Friday, 20 February 2009

Too tired to think of at title.

The past few days have been fun with shouty mama not making much of an appearance at all. Last week there were days when I felt very unattached and parenting just seemed hard, hard work and thankless. This week I've made more of an effort and given my lazy bum a kick and we've been out a lot more.

Yesterday, I took Rye to Kids Planet, meeting up with a couple of mum friends from my Circle. Gosh, Rye loved it, barely a backward glance as he ran off to play. Cue heart palpatitions when I realised I could no longer see Rye in the under fives section - heart attack ensued when I searched and discovered he wasn't in the section at all! Thankfully, he was only "lost" for a couple of minutes when I discovered him coming out of a tunnel in the older kids section. The scary thing is, to get into that section he had to have walked past the table we were sat at and we didn't see him because it was so busy. Needless to say, I didn't stay much longer, much to Rye's disgust, I promised him we'd go back on Monday when the schools are back in and keeping an eye on him is much easier. I hope I never loose him anywhere more public because I don't think my heart could take it!

Much safer option today of the local park. Rye loved playing on the slide and interacting with the other kids there too. That child who tried to kick Rye in the post office was in the park too and this time he held the gate shut on a little boy's hand as the little boy tried to pull the gate open to get in. Can't say I'm overly fond of that child and the mother when she finally noticed what he was doing just told him to let the boy in. Mind, the little boy, who looked about 3 (but much smaller than Rye) was in the little kid's section on his own. His mother was at the other side of the park (and its a big park) chatting to her friends - where she was stood she couldn't actually see him on the slide - and this boy liked to go down head first!

Anyway, after the park we walked to the post office and posted off the rain coat for Izzy and the Morgaine wrap to Sarah.
Then into town and an expensive lunch. We alighted at the bus station, near which there is a burger king and being hungry and it being lunchtime I decided I would "treat" us both to a burger... well me a meal deal and Rye a kids meal (flamegrilled chicken burger - 2 teeny ones). It cost nearly £9 and he didn't eat the flipping chicken burgers - to be fair they weren't very nice, the flamegrilled chicken breast was over cooked and dry and the teeny buns were very very sweet. I shan't be doing that again - I normally either take lunch with us or go the bakery - sigh wished I'd gone to the bakery would have been much cheaper and nicer too. Oh well.
I did pick up a book on dough creations so hoping to get some inspiration from that, oh and another crochet hook, this time a very small one and some more incense.

The post man delivered my little stash from Purplelinda Crafts an afghan crochet hook, some glass knitting beads, tiny 3mm black eyes some more bambo yarn and felting wool. This is the type that can be crocheted or knitted then machine washed to felt - really looking forward to tl'u going to bed tonight so I can play!

I've got quite a stash of yarn now. Some of it is acrylic/nylon type stuff which I've picked up cheap from charity shops etc and use for trying out amigurumi patterns (or my own) before using a more expensive yarn.
My favourite yarn is definitely wool or wool blends much nicer to hold and have running through my fingers as I crochet. The bambo yarn I picked up in Maidstone (along with 100% wool - last photo) is 100% bambo and at first Iwasn't quite sure whether I like it or not; plus I used the recommended hook size and I find a 3.5 - 4 mm hook is better; particularly when making items that need stuffing. The end result is very classy. Bambo just looks lovely crocheted up - I'm hoping my season table partner thinks the same when she receives my swap item.

Ohh, on the childminding front, finally there's movement with regard to the first aid course. I'm now booked on one for the end of March and beginning of April - so with any luck I will be registered more or less in time for when I finish work. I'm also seriously considering becoming an agent for Tish Tash Toys I've looked into these agent things before but it's always been stuff that I couldn't care less about - make up and the like - whereas these toys are something I can be enthusiastic about ..... and if I do decide to go down the party route too being toys I can take my little 'un with me :)

I am really looking forward to finishing work on 31st March. Not long now and I'm looking forward to childminding, when I have shouty days with Rye I sometimes wonder what I'm letting myself in for and whether I'll cope but I think it wil be ok and if it isn't then I have plenty of options.

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