Friday, 6 February 2009

P.S what do you think about this background?

I can't make my mind up.
I think I find the flowers a bit distracting and I don't know if its just because I desperately need new specs or if the text colours are a bit harsh on the 'ole eyes.

So yes, let me know what you think.


willow81 said...

Like it!

Earthmummy xx said...

I like it :)

arwen_tiw said...

I like it! This and the green one have both been very "you". I was annoyed by the flowers on mine to start with, but got used to them!

Joxy said...

Thanks :) I prefered the green one,except for the flowers and butterflies at the bottom of the screen, which made reading the text difficult.

Hence the change to this one.

Naomi said...

I like it hun but my eyes never seem to like black backgrounds so it takes a bit of getting used to :) but still, I like it, the flowers are lovely. xx