Friday, 20 February 2009

This and that.

The crochet books that arrived from Amazon and the doughcraft book I picked up in the second hand store today.

Rye, bless him, asleep on Sidney. About quart to six I nipped up stairs for the loo and to get changed. When I came back down a few minutes later I discovered him flaked out.

He has had a busy day, not only visiting the park and then going into town with me, (he did indicate he wanted to be carried so I popped him in the ring sling and he fell asleep for about 45 minutes), but of course the chorus of
"What's that?" ensued and I discovered my clever little boy has learned Old McDonald Had a Farm. He was singing the tune in Waterstones and then quacking, I have not taught him this so I assume he's picked it up from the Childminder. He's been wonderfully helpful too, picking up the dinner plates (we had a "picnic" for tea on the floor in the lounge) and giving them to me to put in the kitchen. The joys of unschooling, I don't insist he does this, I may ask him sometimes if he does it great, if not, well its easier to do it myself then make it into a thing, and not making it into a thing seems to have had the affect that my son is naturally helpful.
He can also count up to 2, or at least he seems to be recognising that 2 is "many" On the v'tec teddy I can ask him where letters are and he will press it - he's learned the sounds and words associated with the letters and it's not simply rote learning because I can ask him days and days later where "B" is, or "T" etc and he will press the correct letter. He doesn't know all the alphabet yet but then he's only just 2 and I nonetheless am a proud mama.

His comprehension is fabulous. He asked for a "juice" earlier and I told him to get his cup and bring it to me and that it was beside Sidney. He went and looked at Sidney and I re-ieterated the cup was beside Sidney and he looked and picked it up and brought the cup over to me.

He is experimenting with gravity at the moment too, which indoors isn't so great, he throws things just to see where they will land, what noise they make.. and also to get my attention if I've become too absorbed by a book, laptop, crochet, potterings in kitchen etc. Throwing soft toys is fine; but he's throwing harder toys and also seems to be interested in seeing what happens when he throws stuff at the season table / bookshelf/ me. Trying not to get frazzled and just keep telling him that only soft toys can be thrown indoors. I do also need to pop the 2 large bags of plastic balls I got off freecycle into the shed until the weather warms up a little and then I'll blow up the paddling pool and chuck them in that for him to play with - out in the garden!

His new word for today is "dirty".


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PS - everything on your main page is showing again lol (obviously it WAS my PC). ;)

Earthmummy xx said...

Kids are so clever arent they?