Thursday, 19 March 2009

All can be revealed....

The season table swap gift I made for Crystal Claire - I loved making this and really chuffed with the results. I'm going to put an offer on LETS to crochet more eggs with the option of leaving unstuffed so mama's can fill them with little food or toy gifts for Easter. Ohhh, I've been dying to show off these makes for ages! lol.

The cute lil soakers I made for Arwen_Tia's soon to be born baby. I suspect they are far too big for a newborn as I just crochet'd away and figured out the legs and crotch as I went. Loved the wool; although it did occur to me its a bit thick for a spring/summer baby - oops.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and out the mouths of babes, this is the conversation I had with Rye this morning;

"What's that?" pointing at me while I put some eye make up on.
"make up to make me look pretty".
"Awww, do you think mummy looks pretty?"
"Nooooo", and shaking head vehemently.

Sigh, kinda asked for it really didn't I, lol.


arwen_tiw said...

Hehe they're fab, and don't look any bigger than some of the other newborn nappies we have already lol. :)

And when I asked Jenna once if I looked pretty in my bridesmaid's dress (feeling really fat and self-concious) she poked my stomach and said, "You're a bit WOBBLY mummy..." Um, thanks baby...

Becks said...

Hey wait till their teens!
My olders stock response is "why dont you put on some make-up, do your hair like this, wear this and this and that you would look not too bad".
Thanks for the vote of confidence girls!