Monday, 16 March 2009

Gotta love spring!

Life is marvelous. The sun has been shining gloriously here in Folkestone today and despite a slight chill to the wind it has been very warm. Today has been packed full of fun and joy. For starters we astonishingly made it to Baby Rhyme Time, slightly late, to find the library jammed packed. I have never seen it so full before. Once again someone stopped to talk to me about my mei tai as I put Rye on my back. Then to the post office to post off my season table swap gift - so excited, I'm desperate to post photos because I'm so proud of it; but I will wait until the Equinox. Also, posted something I've crocheted for a friend's baby. Again, I'll wait until it's been received before posting photos.

Then on the bus to Folkestone town centre to pick up my new specs, which feel horribly disoreinting; slowly my eyes are adjusting but I suspect I might need the Optician to do make some adjustments too. Quick mooch in Merchant Chandler and picked up a lovely cotton rag rug for the living room (thank goodness my trolley is big!) along with a chat about slings - again.

Then onto the beach, I had intended to have lunch in an organic, wholefood cafe in the Artist's Quarter but it seems many places shut on a Monday in Folkestone. I did toy with picking up a sandwich from Van Scoffs (fab name! lol) but the day just screamed for fish and chips on the seafront. Luckily the tide had not come in yet so we were able to get down onto the sands and play with the bucket and spades I'd picked up in Merchant Chandler. Very odd, Folkestone is a seaside town without the rows of tacky seasside shops selling buckets and spades galore. Rye adored playing with the bucket and spades - he wasn't so sure about sharing with a wee boy of about 1 I guess, who seemed fascinated with me and stayed for ages playing sand castles. Rye was particularly put out when I offered the little boy a chip (after asking his mum if it was ok) so when I offered Rye a chip he'd snatch it out of my hand and shove it in his mouth - lol almost like he was expecting me to snatch it back and give it to the little boy.

I adore living near the sea, being able to take Rye down there and enjoy the sand and sun its wonderful and getting out of the house means I focus totally on Rye rather than becoming distracted with housework, cooking, laptop, crafty stuff or just plain reading or watching a dvd. Sometimes when we're home and haven't been anywhere for a few days I begin to fret that I'm not playing with Rye enough, not offering him enough experiences to engage in and learn from. I'm hoping for a nice sunny summer (but not hot, I don't "do" hot).
I would have liked to stay at the beach longer but sadly the sea was encroaching on the sand rapidally, so we packed up and leisurely wandered back to the bus stop.

A couple minutes away from my home is a pub, and in the beer garden there's a slide that Rye has been gagging to get his hands on every time we walk past. Well, I was thirsty, still a beautiful, relatively warm afternoon so I decided what the heck and popped into the pub and bought us both a drink... lol and Rye managed to disrupt two guys playing pool by nicking one of the balls. Ooops.
He loved the slide; if slightly too old for him. He did kinda look like he was going to take off every time he went down it and its rather steep for the comparative shortness of the slide so he landed ceremoniously on his bum; or if he did manage to stay on his feet, the moment would send him face first into the grass. He didn't care and when it came time to leave I had to carry him out of the garden.

The day didn't even end when we arrived home; once a desperately needed nappy change was out of the way I decided to sit in the garden and read my copy of the Green Parent Magazine while Rye raced up and down the decking on a zebra trike, deliberately crashing into me - relaxing and reading my magazine clearly wasn't on the cards; so I gave up and played with Rye for a while; only coming back in doors when the sun became weak and the chill in the wind more noticeable.

I've enjoyed today; rather felt like a prelude to how life will be once I've finished working my notice and I'm home fulltime.

Phew - tired now though :)


Naomi said...

Sounds like a lovely day hun and I am incredibly jealous. I can't wait to live by the sea again, it's fabulous and just makes me happy :)

I know exactly what you mean re: fretting about not giving LO enough experiences/play time - I do the same thing and then a nice day out tends to make me feel a lot better and like we're not doing so badly after all!


Joxy said...

Yep and I was reading in my GP magazine last night that getting kiddies out and about in nature is really good for them... not any real suprise to be honest - still nice article to read.

I've been told the weather is turning cold again at teh weekend - boo; but hopefully tomorrow will be nice as I'm off tomorrow and we'll try and get out again - i am becomming quite addicted to living near sea :)