Thursday, 26 March 2009


Not a particularly good couple of days.
I managed to poison myself; with what I'm not exactly sure, could have been the mayo I used in the pasta salad was slightly off, could be the fat I used for the peanutbutter cookies - or perhaps just greedy and the combination of rich foods was just too much for my stomach. Either way, I've been rather ill and not eaten for 2 days and now very hungry but feel rather sick and not overly keen - although I do have a craving for lettuce so I'm thinking a lettuce sandwich sounds good.

I came into work today as I didn't make it yesterday... then just one more day to go. Tuesday 31st March is my last day at work - woohooo.

Very exciting - and you know, I'll get very "whoohoo" once I feel better.


willow81 said...

Hope you feel better soon hon. xxx

Naomi said...

Oh dear, not good, hope you feel better soon and how exciting about it being your last day at work very soon! (hugs) xxx

Joxy said...

Thanks both I've just managed to eat sweet potatoe and baked beans and feel much better.

All I need now is for my ribs to stop hurting and the crick in my neck to go away so I no longer feel like I'm falling apart lol.

Claire said...

Are you dropping to bits lass?! Hope you feel better today xxx

Claire said...
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