Friday, 27 March 2009

Normalacy - almost.

Ock, I feel almost human again; the icky sensation in my stomach has gone, my ribs are bareable the only irritating aliment is my neck and shoulder; that crick is still very painful, I'm beginning to suspect a trapped nerve. I'll give it a few days and see if it works free and perhaps ask J if she'll give me a message.

Rye has been a bit challenging and very anti laptop. As soon as I sit in the arm chair he's squealing "no" and running over to me and insisting on cuddles and "boobiesss", I know its a mechanism to stop me typing, bless him. I suspect spending Wednesday with me while I was ill has a lot to do with it because I had dvds on the laptop all day as I laid on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself and judging by the amount of jumping on me and trying to do somersaults over my arm he was bored. I have developed the habit of checking blogger each morning too, for possible labour news :), and you know what its like a "quick check" turns into looking at emails, having a nosey at Green Parent forum replying to a couple of posts. My son is "putting his foot down" and making it very clear he does not like this. Ok, I'm being a bit flippant, but there is a serious side it is overspilling and he's becoming more high need and if he doesn't get his way he squeals; ear peircing, cringeworthy squeals. Eeee gawds, my poor ears can't stand much more.

Thankfully, I did recognise that his behaviour is a result of my inattention so I encouraged him to help me tidy the floor up (as it was so messy there was no where to sit) and we got out the treeblocks some of his cars and played. I also went into teacher mode every so slightly and tried to teach him the colours of the cars. He played along for awhile and then got bored and snorted at me when I asked him which car was "yellow". My son, snorted at me! Cheeky monkey. :P He did say "bluh" (blue), very cute he sticks his tongue out as he says it. lol

Then I asked him if he would like to help me tidy up the kitchen and make bread, to which he nodded. He didn't really, he played with the dishwasher a bit and then indicated he wanted to go outside. I made it clear I wouldn't be going out with him as I was cleaning the kitchen. He seemed fine with that and played for a little while. When he returned, boy he was needy, he wanted carrying, which is a tad difficult with the dicky neck and shoulder, wanted a cuddle, wanted a breastfeed, obliged but boy the squeal reappeared; although this time clearly tiredness was the culprit and after what felt an age, he eventually fell asleep against me and I was able to put him on the sofa with a blanket and let him have a kip.

Anyway, kitchen is lovely and clean - well the floor needs a good scrub but no point doing that until he's in bed. Bread is on its second proving. I decided to make bagels, rolls and couple of "subs". The bagels are sundried tomatoes ones; and it did take me a while to get the hand of spinning them on my finger to get the required shape. Not bad though for a first effort, if I do say so myself. The camera batteries need charging so I'll take photos later.

I am in the baking mood - shame I've almost run out of flour - enough to make some pizza bases for the freezer. I'm conscious that I will not be receiving any more of my usual money now and until the childminding is in place and kiddies with paying parents knocking on my door I will be managing on benefits, so I want to get the freezer stocked with good nutritious foods that will keep me going if the pocket gets very lean and food shopping budget becomes very meagre. Thank goodness I keep a well stocked larder.

I have run out of milk, squash, plain flour, brown strong, tomatoe sauce and vegetable oil and I was thinkin of picking up some salad veggies from Juicy Fruits, the weather isn't all that encouraging; its windy and sunny one moment, the next it's lashing down rain or hail.

Oh, oh, oh on the upside my Mei Tai is ready I'm so excited. Woohooo.


Iris said...

Hi Joxy
Looking forward to meeting you and tl'u, as well as seeing your new mei tai. whoo! love lorraine and iris x

Joxy said...

:) Hi Lorraine,

Yeah I'm really looking forward to the meet too :)

Ohhh the mei tai does look lovely can't wait to have it in my hands.

Becky said...

None of mine are keen to have me on the laptop either, but mainly because it is preventing their own goggle-eyed activities not because it prevents them being with me! LOL


Becky said...


None of mine like me preventing their goggle-eyed activities so are also anti-me-on-the-laptop but for different reasons :-)

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Becky said...

Woops I have sent two similar posts, didn't realise you approved comments.

Pah, technology