Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lazy Sunday.

Aren't lazy Sundays wonderful!

Spot of baking this morning to make breakfast spiced raisin muffins, yum yum.
Those are the bagels I made the other day, which taste lovely. The only problem is when I picked the dough up to put them in the boiling malted water, the air in the dough was released; and while the hot water caused the bagels to expand quite dramatically no added depth; so after baking the bagels are a bit flat. I'm guessing I need to use a more substantial dough; have to give Nigella Lawson's bagel receipe a go and see how that turns out. I'm loving the softness of the poached dough after baking; chewy and soft and goes beautifully with humous or cream cheese.

Rye enjoyed the impromtu baking session this morning; along with obligatory seive on head moment, which naturally I had to photo. Similarly, I had to photo him being engrossed in Formula 1. My boy is car and train mad he was very excited by the photo of Thomas on Sue's blog. I decided to look at Thomas days out here in Kent. Sadly, Thomas isn't coming to Tenterden until September, however Drusilla's Park has a Thomas exhibit so I'll have to see about taking Rye. Public transport to get there is a bit of a nightmare (2 1/2 hours minimum - over 6 if I tried to go by bus) so have to see if J and J fancy a trip down.

Lastly, the climbing frame; that photo was taken last Sunday when we all went down to the farm for Mothering Sunday. Rye adored playing on the frame with R - unfortunately, he also wanted to copy R and ended up falling off - he was fine not so much as a squawk.

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