Thursday, 16 April 2009

Feather Motif.

My gawd what a palava, although it was fun to do; what you can't see are the numerous threads at the back that I need to weave into the piece to tidy up. It's not quite right as I couldn't get my head around the last few rows of the instructions and unfortunately there isn't a stitch diagram so I can see exactly what goes where. Mind as a first attempt I'm relatively pleased and it was certainly a bit more challenging that the basic amigurumi pieces I've been concentrating on because they crochet up so quickly and look great.
The yearn I've used means the motif comes out quite big so I'm thinking of four of these joined together and then a plain stitch fastening it all together. The cream and blue against a dark fabric should look pretty fetching I think. It has taken me a while to do this one motif; but then I was wrangling with the pattern and grumbling that its not always clear where the hook has to go.
I do wish patterns always came with a stitch diagram, it makes figuring it out soooo much easier.

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