Thursday, 16 April 2009

Crochet - tunisian stitch.

After the comments I thought I'd show what a long hook looks like compared to a normal one and work up a small peice to show (on a normal hook lol)

There are hooks with wire on the end, which I'm thinking are probably easier to use, however, the only place I've seen them is on Ebay and from China and I prefer not to buy from China if possible. Although, the hand dyed shanks of 100% wool are tempting.

This is the piece in progress; tunisian - or Afghan stitch is a cross between crochet and knitting. The end curls up something fierce and this is one piece once finished that has to be blocked (and pinned) to uncurl.

This is the back; as you can see it does look very similar to a knitted piece.

This particular tunisian stitch is very handy if you want to do blocks of work to cross stitch into and it was the initial idea I had for the blind (not that I can cross stitch, I was going to do crochet applique instead)

I've been having a look through my books and decided I like the feather motif so I'm working on that presently, and as I'm colour challenged (yes I know I'm artist I'm suppose have an affinity for colour.. sadly I don't, hence why I ALWAYS paint from a reference), I've decided for sake of my son's colour sense I better stick to a colour scheme; so I'll use purples, blues and cream. Once I've finished the first motif I'll take a piccy. The feather took a little working because I think there is a mistake in the pattern; eitherway what I've done works and it looks very pretty. Looking forward to finishing the other feathers and then working them together.

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Jax said...

I have tunisian crochet hooks that I got in a shipment of sale stuff from the states - was very complicated to get it as they don't ship here, so had to get a canadian home ed friend to order it and ship it to me. And then every time I do it I get the diagonal edge. I'll give it a go with your suggestion (if I ever find the hooks again, they're somewhere in the garage with the rest of my craft stuff. Sob.)