Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A lovely few days.

Rye and I have been enjoying the nice weather and been out side as much as possible. Spent a few days in the garden playing with his tunnel, tent, soft balls and bike, I'd really like to get him a slide too.

He loves the slide, although he does manage to give me heart attacks fairly frequently with the one at the park. The age range is 4-7yrs; but oh he does love that slide. He also likes to crawl through the tunnel - but after he fell off and landed on his head I've been discouraging that.

The last photo is Rye helping to make pancakes for breakfast.
I do have a couple of photos from yesterday too. There is a gym just up the road with a club/pub attached which is very nice and sports a lovely climbing frame/slide which Rye adores. J called and asked if we wanted to meet her and K there. K's teenage daughter was there and her 8yr old son. Rye was in heaven running around with her son. I have got a couple of lovely photos but I forgot to ask K if it was ok so once I have permission (assuming she's ok with photos of her lad on the net) I'll post them.

And my other news is I've just spoken to the Ofsted Inspector and she's coming round on Thursday at midday! So excuse me while I go on a cleaning and tidy frenzy.
Oh and a quick trip to the post office to post the rest of the eggs off too. :) I'll be glad to get rid of them lol, I've enjoyed crocheting them and playign with different patterns and colour combinations but I'm a bit egged out now and I fancy having a go at something a bit more challenging.


Mon said...

What a great time had by everyone.

What's the inspector visiting for?

Joxy said...

To check that my home is safe for minded children and that I understand what I'm required to do with regards tothe Early Years Framework.