Sunday, 5 April 2009


Yep I have my A5 certificate which demonstrates I've attended the paediatric first aid course and can competently administer CPR.

Afterwards I stopped by my CM to pick up Rye and ended up staying for 4 hours to chat; it was really nice actually. I wasn't so chuffed with the bus driver. The fares have gone up and so I was 3p short, 3p! He rolled his eyes when I said I was 3p short and sighed heavily and just sat there; it was obvious he wasn't going to let me off that 3 measly p. So I had to get off at the co-op and walk back through the park. Its about a 20 minute walk with Rye so not that far really. I was just really annoyed that it was dark and I had a toddler and he was happy for a lone woman with a toddler to walk home - and I made it clear I'd have to walk through the park. I can't make my mind up whether to put in a complaint or not. Sure ok, I was short and didn't have the full fare; but in the interest of safety I personally wouldn't have been happy making a lone woman with a toddler get off my bus just because she was 3p short - especially when its dark.

It wasn't helped by the fact I had a ragin headache too and felt crap.
The rolling of the eyes and sighing, has really miffed me actually - it was damn rude!



Becks said...

DD3 looks much older than she is and was often refused child fare on the bus home after visiting friends. A couple of times she walked home 3 miles through country lanes in the early winter evening. We fumed and raged at the bus company but they said it was the drivers decision and it wasn't his fault if she looked older than her age, she should have carried ID!
Agree with you Joxy, not safe and who's money are they losing anyway? Surely some fare is better than none! Can't believe he made your poor little man walk either!

Jax said...

I would put in a complaint especially as it's close to the fare change, that's not good customer service at all.

Joxy said...

I could have accepted it had he not been so rude. I cannot stand rudeness; if he'd said something like it was company policy, or he'd get into trouble or something; then fine I wouldn't have minded so much. It was the rudeness, that really p*ssed me off.

Claire said...

Do it - bloody complain! I would, and you're so right: imagine if something had happened to you walking through park? Grrrrr! Well done on the course though xxx

Naomi said...

Grrr! Bloody bus drivers, I'm sure it's in their job description to be miserable so-and-so's! Well done on passing hun :) xxx

Cave Mother said...

Bravo for doing first aid course. I wish I had in view of events this weekend. And what is it about bus drivers that makes them so bloody grumpy? Well, maybe its having to drive a bus around all day. Why not write an indignant letter to your local rag?