Thursday, 9 April 2009


Because I've got to run to catch the post office - just realised I've still got Mama 4's eggs in my bag - arrrghhh I went to the post office yesterday too and posted a ton of other things off for friends and, I don't know, I must have just missed it.

So quickly - Ofsted inspection went fine, few things I have to do and turns out my CRB check won't be accepted so Ofsted will do another one, which means it can take anything up to 3 months before I'm fully registered - bit of a pain, but never mind I can use the time to enjoy being home with my little man.

And a disappointment too, Rye's dad texted me this morning and said he would not be picking Rye up tomorrow because he can't afford the petrol money. I'm a bit annoyed; especially as I'd told Rye his dad was coming and he seemed to understand and was excited. I know for future not to say anything until his dad actually turns up.

Right gotta run.


Claire said...

Good news for the inspection, rubbish about Rye's dad and the CRB being delayed :(


arwen_tiw said...

Lol yes, I actually have two CRB checks for the same charity and job description - just for two different groups that I help out! *sigh* Silly isn't it, when the system is pretty sieve-like as it is, to bog down those who already have recent checks?

And oh hun, I'm so gutted for Rye and I know how much it meant to you just for once to not be the one having to actively persue his relationship with his dad. :(

Joxy said...

I was feeling a bit guilty for thinking the worst of him too :(

Thankfully, Rye is a bit too young to fully understand and is easily occupied with fun and games; I shall be more careful in the future though.

Becks said...

Maybe CRB won't be as long as you think.....DD's came back in under 3 weeks for her new job! Seems they are shortening times now but not sure it is a regional dependancy?
Good news on passing the inspection, but then we knew you would ;-)
Take care.

Joxy said...

Thanks hon :) As it works they have to have me registered and ready to go within 12 weeks so that is the maximum it should take.

There are the references and checks to make sure I'm not known to social services etc - which I'm not, obviously.