Thursday, 9 April 2009


Yeah it was fine.
I spent most of yesterday sorting through the boxes in my room and she didn't even look in there; when she saw Rye's room she suggested I use that for children to nap in and it being a nice size to double as a play room too. Thinking about it too it is a good idea as minded children will become Rye's friends and they will probably want to play in his room sometimes and if I'd stated that minded children wouldn't be using his room they would not have been able to go in there.

She liked the wood toys and said there was no problem minded children using the toys I make solong they are safe and I use materials that are specifically for toymaking and are washable. She did ask about Rye going to preschool and I explained I plan to homeschool. She told me I'd have to see how it fit around childminding and said that I would need to make sure I was fullfiling the Early Years Foundstage Stage for him as well as minded children. I didn't say anything to that lol, I just explained that childminding would fit in well as I planned to do autonmous learning and that it would be very organic and include lots of play, arts and crafts, fun science experiments etc as appropriate for age. So, I guess that will have been noted, but I didn't want to obsfucate and besides it would come apparent as years went by lol.

Rye's verbal skills, incidently, are coming along beautifully; new words lately are "more", "ready", "puddle", "one", "two", "four" and "nine". He is also telling me when his nappy needs changing "Poooooooo", said very emphatically is used for either body function and he's started pulling the changing mat out from under the sofa too. Apart from "Yes, please", "more, please" and "Oh, Dear", he's not really saying any sentences. Or rather it sounds like he is saying a very definite sentence when he points to something; but as yet I've not worked out what it is he's saying. Very frustrating; not so much for him, but definitely for me as I can't help feeling I should understand better and maybe he's more fluent than I realise I'm just rubbish at figuring it out???

Have to say he's fab at his animal sounds "oh, ohhh, oh, oh" for elephant, "roar" including hand action for a lion, "baa" for sheep, "clu" for hen (he can't seem to say "K" at the moment), "nay" for horse, "meow" and hand actions again for cat, "on" for "oink" of a pig, oh and "moooooo" for a cow. :)


Becky said...

Sounds like it all went well. Did she say whether it was Ok or will you have to wait for a letter or something?

Joxy said...

Yeah she, there's a few things she wants me to do but nothing big. I will get a report to remind me of the areas she suggested I look into; for example she's suggested a catch on my bedroom so children can't enter when upstairs and she wants me to remove the lock from the bathroom door, a few bits in the garden and she suggested I might want to consider changing the gravel in front of the back door. She suggested I attend another course too on the Early Years Foundation Stage to get more familiar with it, although not sure if I will as a childminder Iknow has been on it and she said it wasn't very helpful (I'm being polite there lol)