Thursday, 16 April 2009

Water Paints.

We thought we'd do some art work this morning, Rye had got the hard watercolours from the under the kitchen sink and some paper, so I thought "what the heck", I had planned baking as it's a grey day and was raining earlier; although we probably will still bake later this afternoon.

The photos are actually in revese order; this top one is of the almost finished piece. I do so hate how blogger inserts photos and its so difficult to move the blasted things - they either end up being copied or deleted - grrrr.

But anyway, lots of colour learning, learning about the medium of water colour - even how water mixed with a hard colour produces a "wet" colour that can be used to make marks. And Rye is now experiementing with marks made with various toys. (I guess I'll be doing a lot of toying washing tonight lol)

I think he loves painting so much because it involves water; and he loves playing with water (and is now enjoying his baths again) and he likes to make marks and scribble so painting involves two elements of his joy.

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