Monday, 20 April 2009

Well, blow me down with a feather!

I am chuffed to the high moon! My darling little boy used the potty for the first time last night; and then went on to use it nearly every time he needed a wee; just one accident. Mind, the amount of peeing he did tends to suggest he's drinking too much but who I am to say he can't have a drink when he asks?

I did bounce of the walls with joy; he received hugs, kisses, lots of clapping and whooping; hence the repeat preformances, especially when his Aunty Queenie popped over and he received even more praise. I'm not a big praise nut, but that surely deserved some whooping :) He looked rather chuffed himself.

I was laughing in joy at his success at one point and said "Wow, Rye have you potty trained in one evening?" and he said "Yessss", while grinning at me. I know, probably not; I'm just so chuffed at his accomplishment and while I did initially sit him on potty when it became obvious he wanted a wee (he was pointing to his nappies and holding himself) and he wasn't too keen so I read to him to distract him a bit. I didnt' think he had, so I was going to put a nappy on him and leave it be and try again another time. Except when I lifted him up I saw he had! He doesn't like to sit on the potty though so after that first time, he now stands over it - his aim isn't too bad either.

My other joy was when Aunty Queenie was reading to him and one of the books is a Peter Rabbit book that has a clock in it - basically to help teach children the time. Anyway, it turns out he knows more of his numbers than I realised! He was pointing at 2, 8, 9, 6 and 5 and naming them. He did it today too I was in the bathroom cleaning my teeth and he was holding up these wooden numbers from a sorter he has, and telling me what they were. I explained the number 6 could also be a 9 and bless him, he got it and then was telling me it was a 9 and then turning it round and saying 6. I'm beginning to suspect that his verbal skills aren't quite as bad as I thought and it's more my hearing.

Automonous Learning at it's finest eh. With a little encouragement he's peeing in his potty and he knows his numbers far better than I realised and that's just from me telling him numbers when he asks (he's fascinated by page numbers) and counting things; coming down the stairs that kind of thing and not forgetting "1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive," he does like that rythm.


Jax said...

way to go Rye! And I would say that drinking too much is way less of a problem than drinking too little, far too many ppl don't drink anywhere near enough - can you drink too much?

Joxy said...

Apparently you can but it's something in the region of 5 gallons I believe; which he's certainly not drinking that much.

I was particularly impressed today when he's been using the potty because if he stands too far forward and misses, he stops, shuffles back a bit and tries again. I am very pleased with him.

Jax said...

and so you should be :) Small would never use a potty, I don't think he liked them, so when he did eventually train it was toilet all the way.