Monday, 20 April 2009


Could it be that Rye has "potty trained" in an evening? I use the phrase "potty trained" loosely as all I did was sit him on it last night - since then he's used it frequently; even when sitting and cuddling he has got down and gone and stood over the potty when he's needed a wee. He only has a nappy on now because he's on my back in my new daisychain mei tai and he's fast asleep, bless.

I was particularly impressed when he stood over the potty started to wee realised he'd stood too far forward, stopped mid stream and shuffled back again; and then continued to wee again. While I'm excited and so incredibly proud of him I do feel a bit sad that this is yet another milestone marking the increasing end of babyhood and moving him more and more firmly onto "big boy" status.


Liz said...

Could be. When they're ready, they're ready and it's relatively easy.

Arlenkern74 said...

well done Rye !!i know what you mean about them growing up tho xx