Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Yesterday, while Rye played in the garden, I had a play with some more motifs/flowers and the first letter of the crocheted alphabet. The flower next to the "A" I just made up as I went along, the granny square was to remind myself how it was done, really it needs blocking (which only works with natural fibers, although acyrlic yarns will benefit from a gentle wash) and the little flower motif is really simple, although the joining of the flowers took a bit of working out as the pattern tells me to put my hook into the top of the double crochet of the centre flower from the wrong side and then do a double treble pulling through 2 hoops through and working into the centre of the joining flower. Bit of a mind boggle that one. I think I figure it out in the end.

I really enjoy doing the motifs and flowers; quick to do and very pretty. The flower motifs I'll add to a bag - I fancy something really quite zany. The granny square, I haven't decided yet.

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