Monday, 11 May 2009

And home.

Coming home, after Beltane in Scotland, was an eventful and scary event. As mentioned I fell asleep at the wheel while driving down the M11. Queenie was beside me and, thank the gods, she was awake and calmly said my name several times to wake me. Apparently, I'd overtaken a lorry too - except I have no memory of this. I have always wondered how anyone can fall asleep while driving; it is far too easy and I will never attempt to drive such long distances without proper breaks again. My only real memory is Queenie saying my name; the sound of the wheels going over the lines/bumps of the shoulder lane and jerking awake; split second awareness of the barrier and swerving back onto the motorway. It wasn't until home and in bed that the seriousness hit me properly, which is good, I don't think I could have continued to drive had it at the time.

The week since arriving home has been pretty miserable. I've been run down with a tummy bug that left me listless and feeling incredibly sorry for myself. Rye, bless his heart, has been wonderful getting on with playing and entertaining himself.

His verbal abilities are improving and his number recognition is excellent. He also recognises a few letters, particularly "A", "B", "T" and "S". He's saying "mum-eeee" a lot more too, which is fabulous as he's never said it much. Has to be one of the most beautiful words in the world! As his vocabulary expands I am encouraging him to say simple sentences; "Mummy, read please", "Mummy, busicuit please." Rather than pointing and saying "read" or "please"
He is telling me what things are that he draws now too; be it birds, a letter or a tree. That he can write "A" was very suprising and his "S" wasn't too bad either; autonmonous learning at its best because I've not sat and tried to show him how to write - I thought he was too young, interestingly this has come about from the crochet book I have that has the patterns to crochet the alphabet!


Naomi said...

Sounds scary! Thank goodness you had someone with you. (hugs) Sorry to hear about the tummy bug too, just this morning I was wondering how you were doing due to lack of blog activity. Can you send Rye over to encourage Tristan to speak? ;) xxxxx

Squee said...

Hi Joxy.
I've been following your blog on and off for a while, but have been quickly reading and not getting atound to commenting on some of your beautiful photos and posts. However, I just have to say how awful I felt for you when reading about your "sleepdriving". I don't drive, so can't fully understand what it must have been like, but I'm very glad for you that the reality didn't hit until you got home, and that you are safe. I don't suppose the tummy bug seems so bad after that,. but I hope it goes away soon. xx

Joxy said...

Thanks Naomi :) And yes I thank the gods frequently that Queenie was with me and awake and also that the motorway was so quiet too. **shudders** It was a very sobering event. Tummy bug is much better and I'm feeling more like my old self :) Somme charity shop bargain buying today was rather nice too - especially as the little man was with his dad so I could browse leisurely.

And welcome Squee :) I do half wonder if the bug was a tad pyschomatic I'm not normally hit so hard with bugs - touch of guilts maybe or the very sobering realisation of what a lucky escape we had. Either way, being home and safe feels wonderful :)

Jacqui said...

ooh how scary. I once drifted off like tht driving my sleeping family down the notorious A9. I ran over a baby rabbit sitting up in the middle of the road, and that jolted me awake, but I remember how spooked i was. Looks like you had a fab time up here - were you anywhere near me? James now 2 1/2 this week has really started picking up in the speech department - even over the last week. He parrots eveything back to us now and his phrases are becoming longer - I'm sure Rye will be the same. xxx