Monday, 18 May 2009

Kids Planet

Oh, Kids Planet was fun. Rye loved the slides and ride on toys. He was rather taken with the ball pit too. It was lovely to see him running around and enjoying himself so much.

I had hoped to sit and crochet while he played, nope, he wanted me to join in the fun and admittedly I did enjoy myself too. Although a tad nervous when he wanted to go in the section for older kids. It's fine but parents have to supervise, which means climbing about with him and not been a fan of heights did make me a tad nervous.

Only had tears once, when a little girl shoved him because she'd heard me calling him and she told him imperiously to go to "your mum", other than that he had a fantastic time.
He did want to play with the other kids and he loves pushing them when they are in the little tike police cars but the kids didn't want him to, he had such a wonderfully grumpy face lol.

And he didn't go on the moving training in the end. Sat him in it and initially it seemed fine; but before it started to move he panicke and didn't want to go on it. So we stood and watched and I thought he might want to then, but he didn't. I think the noise frightened him a bit. Perhaps if I'd been able to get on with him he might have been ok; but I'm too big for kiddy rides like that. :(

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