Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Cake.

I've been giggling all afternoon as I baked, cut out and then put togethe this cake for my friend's birthday.

There is a story to this cake. Both Queenie and I frequent UKPagan forum and there was a thread wishing her many happy returns with pictures of ridiculously pink, kitsch cakes. Queenie had commented about the possibility of such a cake materialising through her broadband. Thus was born the idea of making her one.

We each had a piece of the cake; to be perfectly honest I wasn't that keen, far, far too sweet; especially with all the butter icing (that the colouring made taste slightly odd) and then with all the sweeties and jam holding the various levels together - it was sugar overload. But then such cakes aren't really meant to be gastronomic delights, and it did make us all giggle.

It's been a nice day; pottering in the kitchen, mowed the lawn, played out in the garden with Rye most of the afternoon, inbetween baking above cake and then this evening it was Circle and the wee Party for Queenie. Rye had fallen asleep about 6pm so I'd put him to bed, unfortuately he woke at half eight and made it clear he wanted to join in the fun. He's just starting to show signs of being tired; so bed for him in a little while.

Tomorrow we're planning on going to the beach.


Anonymous said...

That is one of the craziest cakes I've ever seen! I love it :)

Joxy said...

and thye craziest ive ever made lol

Laura said...

Oh my dear goodness! lol. THat is one extraordinary cake! xx

Becks said...

Oh, my teeth are tingling just looking at that cake! Looks lots of fun though.

Becky said...

Wow! What an amazing cake - PMT heaven!! LOL

BTW is this Queenie who used to be on the GP board or a different one?