Saturday, 16 May 2009

Last but not least....

Some shakers, I actually picked up 4, not sure where the other one has gone; I got these from the market and bless the woman, she gave Rye a little wooden cowboy too. The Dr Seuss thing, is the flashcards. Not quite as great as I hoped, the illustrations aren't quite the same as the books, but again Rye loves them and we have great fun playing with them and he learnt two new words using them; "pup-eee" and "ouwl" :)

The sun was again from the little second hand book store, it's new and was a £10 but I couldn't resist and will be lovely as an additon to the season table. The store has a lot of wooden ornaments and wood chimes, I could spend an absolute fortune in there. They also have quite a good selection of second hand wood toys; although some are a bit pricey. There was some brio train track, trains and other bits and bobs and she wanted £18 for the lot. As I picked at least twice as much as this for a £5 at a car boot sale last year I felt too skinflint to pay that out.

Also not photographed, is a monkey patterned long sleeved t'shirt I picked Rye from a charity shop and a few novels for myself.

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