Saturday, 16 May 2009

More Charity Shop Finds.

The alphabet abacus wasn't strictly speaking a charity shop find, that was from that second hand book store again, it was only £2.50 and Rye seems to love it and as he's so interested in numbers and letters at the moment I thought I would encourage his interest. Some of the books I've picked up I'm not that thrilled with; a couple have lovely illustrations but the story is a bit dross. Particularly the "Mole follows a Star" one, still, Rye seems to like them, so that's what matters.

The wooden puzzles were from the second hand book store too; maybe a tad old for him and ok I confess I enjoy playing with them :P.

Bob the Builder readybed was a real find. Dead chuffed with this. Only £5 and these are around £30 to buy new. The Sleeping bag section is nice and thick and i think should be lovely and warm. Rye seems very taken with it :) It will also be great for the Home Ed camp in July.

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lilac73 said...

E loves his ready bed, especially when we're camping. It is lovely and warm, the only thing I do is take a blanket to put over him when I go to bed to cover the gap at the side (the bit he gets in) as he has a habit of shonving so many teds in with him the cover doesn't cover all of him - he always makes sure teds are covered lol