Tuesday, 23 June 2009

And yet more celebrations

Ok, I admit it, any excuse to burn things and eat lots of yummy food :-)

Circle had decided last week we'd have a pot luck supper tonight as we decided we'd get together on Sunday to celebrate the Solstice. So, I made a scrummy lemon and strawberry cheesecake - I perhaps made it a tad large, I think we'll be eating it for days to come, and I made a couscous salad and pizza. The girls brought an assortment of potatoe salad, coleslaw, houmous, quiche, quorn pork pie, olives and feta cheese and so forth... oh, and a prodigious amount of alcohol.

We ate well tonight. We also grilled pineapple on the bbq and made a tia mai syrup to pour over with icecream - YUUUUM. The little man, had much fun running around the garden, and showed a healthy respect for the fire; and kept telling us; "fire, ohhh, hot." We didn't stay out long though, despite the melting heat today, it was quite cold tonight with that wind, so once we'd run out of things to burn we decanted indoors. The girls have just left and Rye is now in bed fast asleep. So I'm sat here with strawberry and pear cider, which is suprisingly good. I usually drive, so it's not often I have a drink and mmm it is nice.

It's been a busy day, this morning, Rye and I drove up to Medway for the Bossom Buddies reunion; the breastfeeding peer support group we use to go to. It was lovely to see everyone again and we won a toy rabbit in the raffle, which I think we'll send to a friend whose pregnant as Rye has copious soft toys.

Oh, and the HV came on Monday, for all of ten minutes. She basically looked through his red book, asked a few questions, I said about my concerns about his verbal skills; although admittedly in the last few weeks his speech has really taken off. She just told me it would be checked during his 2.5year development check and just to make an appointment, although she did add that as his comprehension is so good, it's unlikely there's anything to worry about. Oh, and she asked me when I stopped breastfeeding, when I told her I was still breastfeeding, she looked suprised and asked an incredibly stupid question; "Is that your choice," duh! Still, she seemed nice enough, I was just suprised she left so quickly, I expected her to chat a bit more.

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