Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sunny Sands.

Another afternoon spent down at the beach.
This morning I had some phone calls to make etc and then weeeee, we were off to the beach. I was initially a bit dismayed because it looked like the tide was in.. thankfully, it was on it's way out.
I popped Rye in the ring sling and paddled in the water to try and get him use to the sea, but he wasn't very happy :-(

So we sat on the minute bit of sand left and built sand castles, tunnels for his cars, and played with his ball, which because of the wind kept going in the sea. Rye did get it himself once, but a wave came in gently and wet his feet and he legged it and wouldn't go within 5 feet of the sea after that.

Sadly, our time ended all too quickly and we had to head back to the car; Rye was creamcrackered and fell asleep immediately. Rather creamcrackered myself too, so I treated us to chips for tea.

Rye is now watch Tractor Tom again. This has become his favourite DVD and if he can get into my room, it's the first thing he does. Still, I've relaxed my stance on dvd's a bit of late; solong we've done "stuff" during the day I don't mind him putting a dvd on before bed, and as he can only watch it upstairs; it does mean it only happens if I fancy lazing on the bed while he watches :-)

And his verbal skills, wow they have steamed a head in the past week or so. He's now speaking in simple sentences and constantly chattering away to himself and parroting every word he hears so having to be very careful.

Ohhh and final note; I was dead chuffed to see a lady on the beach with her child in a mei tai - I think it was a connecta type, and she was breastfeeding too! Made me want to grab Rye and start breastfeeding him too - solidarity and all that. And you know, I don't think anyone really noticed either. Brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

ha ha. cool! and yes, brilliant, of course.