Thursday, 11 June 2009

Badman's report.

Recommendation 7 is a real humdinger.

Ed balls letter to Badman:

We will find a way to make these recommendations work if they are put in place (and it sounds like Ball is determined to do so), the HE community is rescourceful... but at this moment, I feel like crying, and I can't help wondering how autonmonous learning will be possible when yearly statements with clear outcomes and acheivements have to given to the LEA and the LEA will have the right to inspect and see our children alone and expect to see they have achieved the goals set.

I am particularly worried by the recommendatin that if there are any safeguarding concerns then the parents will not be allowed to HE and how that could so easily be abused by authorities.

I feel sick, frankly.

The consultation on the registration and monitoring is up already. It's ot particularly arduous, so I do encoourage you to rspond.


Claire said...

Yeah, am with you there J: the whole report focuses upon the 'possibility of abuse' and seems to be a way of removing even more control from parents. Recommendation 7 is shocking: it assumes abuse directly, and no way would I allow my child to be 'interviewed' alone! Utter crap. xxx

Joxy said...

Did you read chapter 10, "Outside the scope of the review" and him sticking it in for autonomous learning; he's not convinced by research and quotes case law which states that children should be left to learn unsupervised.

The whole focus is wrong, wrong, wrong. There's no evidence that HE is a cover for abuse and rather than forcing our community to register and jump through loops, impell LEA's to work with our community, to be trained properly and attend unofficially and as part of their training HE group events so they can see, really see what Home Education is about. The LEAs should be building relationships with the HE community and trust; this doesn't do this at all. Nor has the report even touched on why so many families choose not to reveal themselves.

Liz said...

I'm pretty outraged. So I might suddenly start abusing my children when they turn 5 and have to allow strangers access to speak to them alone? What about before children are school-age? Or is this the thin end of a wedge that will entitle to state to enter everyone's homes to 'check' their children whenever they like at any age? I'm so pissed off.

Joxy said...

I am stunned, it is an extrodinary invasion into parental responsibilities and family life. Letting the LEA know I@m HE'ing wouldn't bother me, I am bothered that I may be rquired to produce an educational statement of intent with outcomes each year and have to prove Rye has achieved those outcomes. Incredible.

I am really annoyed too that these recommendations have been put in place and important issues like autonomons learning and it's place in HE, whether it is necessary to impose minimum standards and whether there is a whole group of HE people who are uneducated and not able to get a job.. because at present there's absolutely no evidence and BAdman just lumped it all in chapter 10 "Not covered by the scope of this review". He recommends further research... well in that cse this review should have been postphoned until they had the full facts! GRRRRRRRRRRR