Friday, 12 June 2009


I received a letter today, a HV is going to visit me and Rye on the 20th.

I'm in two minds as to whether it will actually be of any help. Still, I made the contact so I'll see what she has to say and then make a decision as to whether I want to engage with them and whether it will be beneficial to Rye.

His speech is coming along, not realy speaking sentences but he's trying to say more words now, yesterday he kept asking for "Bobbles" which I realised meant "Bubbles" And he's now saying words he found difficult initially, five, seven, green etc, outside and so forth.

Actually, thinking about it, he does say some sort of sentences, one he said this evening was "Mummy laptop, shut" and when I asked if he wanted me to put the laptop away he said "Yes please, mummy."

Still, can't help being nervous regarding the visit.


Jax said...

Have to say that we had a really helpful HV back when Small was v small and didn't speak, so it can turn out well. hth.

Liz said...

THat's understandable, you don't know if you'll be facing sympathetic and understanding help, or if you'll be facing a hostile enemy. That's enough to make anyone nervous. Fingers crossed it's the former.

Arlenkern74 said...

we have just had our 2 year check and it was mainly a complete waste of time!he told the lady that hens lay eggs which made me chuckle !

Mel said...

I"m just joining along here and don't really know your story...but....I have a 4 1/2 yo son who didn't really start to speak until he was about 3...

We had him assessed at 18 months because he wasn't doing the *usual* talky things and he was put on a waiting list for speech therapy. Long story short - we chose not to pursue it..for assorted reasons...anyway - no regrets. He's talking more and more clearly and simply found his own way...with our loving encouragement and support. We unschool so are not on anyone elses' timetable so didn't see the point in going into the whole therapy thing....

Just thought I'd share...'tis a very personal decision but wanted you to know that there are options...

~brightest blessings~

Joxy said...

Thank you Mel for your comment :)
I'm beginning to suspect he could well just be a later speaker too, he is chatting constantly, not that I always understand so I may not pursue it either.

I'm not with Rye's dad either and while we are civil we really dont like each other very much and I suppose I worry sometimes of whether he could ever use this type of thing against me, should he ever be in a position to do so. I just feel I have to be very careful being that I'm not only a green mama but I'm pagan too and I plan to HE Rye by continuing the autonomous learning philosophy I try to follow even now.

Becky said...

Hi Joxy

You know i've been through this with Sam too and we've done the whole SALT thing last year. No improvement in his speech at all.

Suddenly in the last 3 weeks his speech has leapt ahead and he is talking in 3/4/5/6 word sentences!!! He is three and a half now and suddenly he turns round and says 'mummy, we not allowed go on plane?" (we missed our holiday flight as you know!) and is talking loads!

I instinctively thought he was Ok but a late developer but allowed myself to be worried by other 'helpful' people and their comments :-/

If you think he is probably fine, then he probably is :-)