Thursday, 4 June 2009

The bag.

My new crocheted handbag. I really do like this; although it does stretch a bit more than I anticipated so the strap is a bit too long. The pattern suggested using nylon but I didn't have any and it was such a pretty pattern wanted to give it a go.

And bless his cotton socks, while I was making tea he fell asleep. This is fairly typical of late, when Rye gets tired he either sits on the sofa or armchair and rocks himself to sleep; and then at some point keels over. I found him the other day bent over double he's head resting on his legs - didn't look at all comfortable but he was fast asleep.

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Becks said...

How about crocheting another strap the same as the one on the bag and then stitching them together with a piece of ribbon through the middle. Then the ribbon will take the weight and stop the stretch.
Is a very pretty bag though, I do like it.