Friday, 12 June 2009

Home Educated children seculed?

Conservative blog

Ann Newstead posted this link on facebook.

It is politics of course and whether the Conservatives would support HE, mostly likely, remains to be seen as I suspect they will get in at the next General Election. It is the comments, particularly from "Leftie" that astounded me.

Where does this belief that HE kids live in seclusion come from? This oddball idea that the only way potential abuse in our community can be picked up is if the LEA register us and monitor us; and inconsistently, the person asks why we object to being checked on once a year. I would be very suprised if a yearly visit would pick up anything other than glaring abuse and that the person believes schools are the main place where abuse is noticed. Mmm yeah right.

Many of the HE blogs I read details busy lives of children joining in all sorts of groups, scouts, sports clubs, drama clubs and so forth, these children do not live in a bubble and besides at the end of the day it's not the State we need, it's caring communities and individuals who will pick up the phone if they do suspect something.

I was struck by a quote of a neighbour of that poor girl starved to death, that the neighbour saw her in garden, terribly thin and whimpering and often heard crying and begging etc. Did this neighbour call social services? Visits were made to this family's home, and when turned away, despite apparent concerns, nothing seems to have been done. So, please enlighten me, how on earth will forcing HE parents to register with the LEA and being subjected to visits make an iota of difference? The sad and terrible truth is, if a person is going to abuse a child they will and no amount of monitoring will change that.

Baby P wasn't home educated, and even if his parents were thinking of going down that route, registration etc wouldn't have made an iota of difference, he wasn't of school age anyway!

But then, one of the first questions fired at anyone considering home education is "socialisation", so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised or dismayed. But I am.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where this assumption comes from but it's bloody frustrating. It's my DH's biggest argument against HE and despite my efforts to show him people's blogs and tell him about all the HE groups that are out there he still says it can't be the same as school. Darned right it ain't the same as school! It's better than school surely!? I reckon kids that are HE'd must get to meet and experience a much more varied group of people than children who are confined to a classroom full of people all the same age everyday!
As for the abuse thing, I must be missing the point or something because I just don't see the link between HE and child abuse!

Joxy said...

I personally, think it's better than school, Rye is only 2 of course, but he does meet lots of different people already and children of all ages.

As for thelink between HE and child abuse, well there isn't one really. The report admits as much; although it does muddy the water by giving the impression that many HE children in some areas are known to SS. Very naughty, as "known to" probably refers to the high number of HE kids who have learning disibilities or other disabilities. Could even mean a well meaning neighbour rang social services to report children not being in school.