Friday, 12 June 2009

Where has the day gone?

I suppose not getting up, till 10 is one reason today has passed in a blurr. The little man must have been very tired, he's not usually such a later riser, not that I'm complaining the lie in was lovely. For once, I actually felt ready to get out of bed!

It's been a pottering kind of day. Rye has been full of beans, bouncing around, laughing and giggling. We've been out in the garden, I've hung out yet more laundry (another couple of loads and it's all done!), we've pottered in the kitchen. Made yummy humous to have with crackers for lunch and I grilled some strawberries that were beginning to look a bit past it, touch of cinnamon, then squished with a fork and added to yoghurt. I ended up freezing it though because the yoghurt I picked up is very runny indeed.

Rye was asking for "Bobbles" again, so we sat in the garden while I blew copious amounts of bubbles for him, and he blew some himself too. Too funny. He played in the paddling pool some more and yah, finally heeded my "Oh, Rye, please don't wee in the pool", so whenever he wanted a pee he got out and did it beside it. Ah well, some progress.

I've also moved his potty to the bathroom upstairs, good in that he does go up there to use it, and good he empties it himself.... bad when I forget to check the toilet seat and sit down and get a wet bum - ick.

Tea was lovely, I chucked some onion, garlic, cumin seeds, pepper and a heaped teaspoon of marigold vegetable stock powder along with veggies and green lentils in the slow cooker. 3 hours later I had a lovely tasty watery stew, so I poured it into a sauce pan and reduced it down a bit on the stove and afterwards topped with nutmeggy mash potatoe and baked in the oven to brown the top. It was blumming lovely and Rye scoffed his with nay a complaint. Then we had the yoghurt I'd made earlier and popped in the freezer. It wasn't solid, just nicely thickened and ever so tasty :)

Then wash, clean teeth, nappy on, story, breastfeed and little man in bed. Although, he did protest a wee bit when I left the room. Waited a few moments, just about to go back in because he seemed really quite upset and silence. Peeked and he's fast asleep.

Tomorrow I MUST go to the post office, a baby sleeping bag to post, which I promised to post days ago, but then couldn't find it. Found it today when I put the mountain of clean laundry away (yeah my wardrobe actually has clothes in it again!), I need to post off my summer season gift swap and, assuming I get it finished, a dog portrait I'm doing for a mama from the Green Parent forum. Might not though because I've had the water on today and it's lovely and hot and the bath is calling to me :)

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Anonymous said...

I love pottering sort of days! :)