Thursday, 4 June 2009

I'm in love.

With my new laptop (shhhh, I justified putting it on my account because it;s my birthday today...)! I fried the other one about a week ago when I tried to attach external speakers and accidently touched the usb port with the speaker jack, and this one is just shiny and loveliness and oh, oh, the wireless is finally working and I'm actually sat in the garden typing this blog entry.

Lack of laptop for the past week means I have completed a lovely crochet bag, my season swap gift (although I'm not entirely sure about it - might have to get someone's opinion on it) and I'm in the process of crocheting a jute rug for the kitchen, plus lots of time spent in the garden with the little one having fun and games.

I had an epithany regardng laundry and realised I could attach a line to the fence and a tree so finally making inroads into the laundry heaps.

Ok, much as I'm loving sitting here watching Rye playing with the football while I type (ahhh the joys of touch typing) I am really hungry, so I suspect the little man will be too. I'll post some photos later of the bag etc. Oh, and one delightful moment last night; my son decided to sit on his marble run and pee on it.... boys!


arwen_tiw said...

Happy Birthday you!!

:) xxx

Joxy said...

Thanks hon :)

kat said...

Happy Birthday!!! I have a new phone, so I completely understand the gadget love.

Oh and what is it about peeing places? E helpfully "watered" the potatoes this afternoon!?! Plus I can't keep a lick of clothes on him. Sigh. Motherhood.

Jax said...

Happy birthday :)